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item nr.: UBK-ES00
Tokaji Essencia 2000

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winery: ÚRI BOROK
location: Mád
year: 2000
grape varieties: 80% Furmint, 10% Harslevelü, 10% Muscat Lunel
vineyard: Szent Tamás, Dancka, Bojta

alcohol content: 2 % vol
residual sugar content: 800 g/l
content: 0,5 l

degustation notes:
"My wife and I tried this at the winery with the owner/winemaker Vince Gergely. At the
end of our tasting, Vince walked into the room with a glass container that he was
holding like a baby and poured some of the unfermented Eszencia into our glasses.
Did I mention that 2000 was an absolutely stellar year in the Tokaji region? Well it was.
I tried this wine and just sat there motionless. How could a wine be furry? It felt furry in
my mouth. This wine was thick like the consistency of a very runny honey. It felt furry
and yet it almost floated on my palate. It was light and airy and my tastebuds just about
exploded. Super ripe pear, pure sugarcane, orange marmalade and peaches came to
mind. This was like nothing, NOTHING, that I have ever tried. I swallowed my first sip
and sat at the table dumbfounded. I knew I swallowed the wine. I could feel it go down
my throat. Yet I could have sworn that the wine was still in my mouth. I sat there
smacking my lips and trying to swallow it again.

The length of this wine put every other wine I ever had to shame. And this first sample
he poured for us didn't even have alcohol in it. Vince then asked us to follow him and
he took us to the barrel which contained the 2nd half of the barrel sample of this wine.
This part of his 2000 Eszencia contained about 1-2% alcohol at this stage. He poured
some for us. The acidity in this sample was noticeably higher. The same flavors swirled
on my palate. This sample had a little less body than the first. Somehow I was able to
stay on my feet while tasting this wine. These 2 samples will compliment each other
very well. Every once in a while a wine comes along which expands the boundaries of
your thinking of what a wine can be. This was one of those wines for me. 100 points." (, 06/2011)

Contains sulfite.

margin sceme acc. §25a UStG.

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Tokajer Wine Tokaji

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our price: € 595,00
incl. 0% VAT, excl. shipping costs
(price per liter: 1190,00 €/l)

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